Shop Review: KatieMade

So I have this friend named Katie, who is so stinkin’ talented: she’s artistic, stylish, musical and can sing with incredible power and conviction. For real, she’s awesome.

It was only a couple months ago when I had seen several pieces of her artwork. This was before she ever officially opened a shop, and I just loved what I was seeing. As soon as I saw that she was open for business, I contacted her about starting on a piece for me!


2014-08-13 05.56.39bdaymonth edit

It was such a HAPPY day when it arrived because I was not even thinking about getting a fun package, and then this gem showed up on our porch! Not only was this by far the largest package I personally received, but I LOVED Katie’s creative touches to the packaging-that takes time and it was great personal flair. I felt like Katie was there in person for a split second delivering my order. It would have been EVEN better if she had been there!!! 😉

2014-08-13 08.10.24



Y’all, I thought the fun ended on the outside, but then I opened up the box and found this beauty. Katie did such a great job of packaging a SOLID WOOD sign (yeah, it’s heavy). As you can see, again she put a personal touch that added joy to the unveiling of this piece!

2014-08-13 08.12.25

I specifically requested this Scripture because my husband has always talked about this statement from Joshua 24:15. For him, as the leader of our home, it stands as a declaration of the direction of our household, our family, our legacy moving forward.  I had no idea what to expect when I opened this sign, but I knew I would love it because Katie is so talented and now I have a little piece of her work in our home.

A Little About Katiemade

Katie’s shop, “Katiemade” specializes in “handmade wooden signs & things.” All of the lettering, artwork, and distressing is done by hand. I hope that you will check out her work and maybe even support her new shop with a purchase or referral!

Thanks, Katie for the beautiful piece!

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