Learning to Whisper


As our schedule became more chaotic towards the end of the summer, Maddy’s behavior followed suit. She is typically pretty easy going, happy, and *mostly* obedient. I don’t want anyone to think I have a perfect child, because she certainly isn’t. However, I would say that for the most part she has been a pretty “easy” kid thus far.

Not so the last few weeks.

I have to keep in mind, her sleep has been thrown off.

She is growing and super hungry.

Her routine and schedule keeps being changed or interrupted.

She is also VERY 2 and becoming more and more independent, which we encourage, but within appropriate boundaries at this age.

A general tone of “Whining” has become the new norm and I found my patience becoming shorter and shorter each time I heard fussing. The tone of my own voice went from calm to laced with frustration and louder as the whines persisted. I knew something had to change and QUICK!

Thankfully I saw this article come through my FB Newsfeed (thank you to whatever fellow Mom-soul shared this gem).

I instantly noted to test out the “If you’re feeling angry, whisper” tactic, and I am happy to report that Maddy and I are both doing better. She is listening a little closer, and I am not reacting emotionally! YAY-Mommy WIN!

There are so many great tips in that post that I will have to revisit it many times I’m sure!


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