The Cost of Change

Frequently I am asked how my counseling is going. (If you didnt’ know this about me, yes, I’m a Certified Biblical Counselor.) I counsel as a minister of our church, and I am blessed to be able to fit this in to our schedule as a part of my own personal ministry.

My email is often flooded with requests for a counselor, or for a recommendation for a counselor in a nearby region. It seems that the number of people who actually follow through to setup sessions or travel for a consultation is roughly one of every ten requests that I field. The stories that I listen to, the hurt that pours through in their emails, and the desperation for help tells me that these people are broken, wounded, and need someone to simply walk alongside them for a season of truth and healing.

Sadly, the majority shy away and aren’t ready to make the sacrifices necessary to change. Change requires giving something up in exchange for that which is greater. This may mean that relationships shift, habits are broken, entire mindsets are re-programmed. None of these aspects are easy. Change also typically comes with a financial price tag, and as someone who is living on a budget and aggressively working to pay down debt, I get that the money is sometimes tough to swallow.

The most common reason I hear people shy away from leaping into change is,

“I can’t afford counseling.”

I often want to ask in reply,

“Can you afford NOT to go to counseling?”

Stop and think about the worst case scenario of how your situation could turn out…is it worth skimping on the investment your life needs right now? Is it worth risking your kid’s future, the way your marriage will look in 5 years, for the cost of counseling at the moment? Is there something else you can sacrifice in order to invest in your own heart and life to stir change?

You never know, what you invest in counseling, you are investing in yourself and every relationship you have.

It could very well CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


What do you think?

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