6 Years & Counting


Those numbers rang in my head for over a year as Mason and I planned for and approached the day we would take our marriage vows.


Reminiscing recently, we thought about the many decisions that we had to discuss for our engagement and wedding plans, and the tension piggy-backing each of those minute details. I am pretty sure we joked the entire year that if a couple could just make it through planning their wedding, they could make it through their marriage.


Photo Credit: Lauren Clark Photography

The thread of difficulty weaves through our first 6 years of marriage. We have moved 3 times, lived in 2 countries and 3 homes, added a child and a cat to our family, and switched between several “jobs” in the past 6 years.


Photo Credit: Lauren Clark Photography

When asked, there are none of the “big” decisions I would change, though I would gladly alter many of the smaller (my attitude or reactions for sure). Each day has been a glorious (though painful) part of God’s teaching us to be “one”, the Holy Spirit demanding a little more bending in sacrifice, that much less thinking of ourselves. These foundation-building years in our family have taught us the importance of choosing wisely for the sake of God’s kingdom.


Photo credit: Lauren Clark Photography

Happy Anniversary, My Love!


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