FAVE: Phoenix Community Coffee Review & Giveaway

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Great Coffee. Great Cause.

Are you a coffee drinker? I have to be transparent in that I am NOT a coffee drinker. My body is just too sensitive to sugars and caffeine and it’s just not a good scenario. However, my husband thoroughly enjoys his caffeine, coffee especially. This is great because while I may not drink it, inhaling its delicious aroma is right up my alley! When I smell coffee I am instantly a small girl, waking up to my Dad’s freshly brewed pot of coffee. That moment happened as soon as I brought the package from Phoenix Community Coffee in from the porch-the ground coffee packets they had sent me smelled SO AMAZING and I couldn’t wait to share it with Mason and our friends!

Before I tell you about our experience sharing coffee, please let me take a few minutes to share the vision and impact this company is having in their immediate vicinity and around the world. We adore quality products around here, but even more than a quality product is something that creates change in lives! Here are a few ways Phoenix Community Coffee is creating what they call a “Cycle of Relief“:

  • Indigenous people are employed.

  • Farmers are empowered to invest in their own communities.

  • Further opportunities for partners are created.

You can eve have a part! What? Yes, you! Check out the Phoenix Community Coffee Blogpost about how you can partner with them to champion relief!

Since I am not a coffee drinker, I recruited our home group to help me test the product! We had such a blast, and our resident coffee connoisseur had even prepared critique sheets for everyone to document their experience.

Here’s what we got to try: Phoenix Community Coffee Medium Roast, both Regular and Decaf (we also tasted a third roast from a separate brand just for comparison-sake).


photo 1

How it was brewed (because just like roasting alters flavor, so does brewing):

We used a Chemex Glass Coffee Maker where the grounds steeped for 5 minutes at 200 degrees F.

coffee collage


photo 2


Here are a few of the responses I received from those in our group who tried the coffee:

Regular Blend-low acidity, on the sweeter side, and the overall consensus was that it was something people would drink regularly, and without cream. The Regular blend has a great natural flavor on its own, without adding cream.

Regular Blend (Decaf)-not as good black, it had less flavor (but was better with the addition of cream/sugar. The general consensus was that the decaffeinated blend was no competition with the regular. This didn’t surprise me since most of our group are “Regular” Coffee drinkers and don’t care for decaf. I, on the other hand, can barely handle limited amounts of decaf and will be enjoying mine blended into a chocolate smoothie!

Price Comparison: $12.95+s/h for 12 oz. package (whole beans or ground), or purchase 3 bags and you get FREE SHIPPING! Yes, it’s obviously more expensive than your cheap coffee at a big-box store; however, if you are a name-brand coffee drinker, the price is equivalent for the same quality in taste! Add to that, your routine coffee purchase is investing in a cycle of relief, ministry efforts, church planting, etc. and that is a HUGE win-win! I would strongly urge you to try them out!

Purchase your own coffee from Phoenix Community Coffee!

Go here for the Giveaway: Entry-Form


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*DISCLAIMER: This blog receives no payment or compensation for reviews of products. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review.


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