“‘Sun-nels’ Mommy, ‘sun-nels’!”

I knew before I was ever pregnant with Maddy that there was a distinct calling on my life to be a homemaker and not to be working outside the home when we had children.

2012-01-23 07.34.14

Very early in my pregnancy with Maddy


Neither Mason nor I knew how we would make that work financially or what sacrifices it would take.

Some days I doubt if I am really cut out to do this. I have had several of those moments recently.

Yet, on mornings like today when our Little Girl has the sniffles and just needs more “‘Sun-nels’ Mommy, ‘sun-nels’!” (translation: snuggles), I am refreshed in my drive to make it work.


Be it cloth diapering, less eating out, more buying used, more budgeting and working to live well under our means to pay down debt during this season, it’s SO WORTH IT…

to be the one to comfort our daughter

to invest in her and pray with her

to teach her the alphabet

and to kiss her scraped hand.


2014-03-12 04.51.11


I am blessed to be a mother, and I am privileged to have my primary work be a nearly 2-year-old girl whose heart is at stake.


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