Seth’s Story: Overcoming an Addiction to Pornography

“If you were designing the perfect malicious tool,

it would probably be pornography.”

Seth’s statement rang out so boldly as I watched his testimony: a struggle to recover from an addiction to pornography. The subtle progression that Seth described here is exactly what James warns of,

Then after desire has conceived,

it gives birth to sin,

and when sin is fully grown, it gives birth to death. ”

-James 1:15

This scenario is happening every moment in our communities, our homes, our own lives and we so often ignore the reality of what is decaying our person and relationships! Pornography is merely one tip in the sea of icebergs, but it is a significant, addictive, devastating tip. There is hope and healing for those who long to be free from these chains of addiction and sin! Follow Seth’s example: be humble and get help!

What do you think?

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