When I Became A Mom

MOPs has become a significant portion  of my life in the last 6 months. Aside from investing in my family, church, and whatever work comes my way, MOPs is high priority (and attending meetings, planning, and carrying out tasks takes up a good chunk of time).

I was blessed with an opportunity to share a devotion with our MOPs group this month, and thought it fitting to share here as well.

“When I Became A Mom…”

When I became a Mom, I found myself in a mess.

It’s difficult to say when or where the mess really began, but to sum it up…

  • pre-term labor
  • bed rest (which means no cooking, cleaning or further baby preparations)
  • 24 hour stay in the hospital (an hour away) to be sent home because labor was starting, but not really
  • unknown of the future: we had a date by which we had to leave Korea, but no destination or tickets to go anywhere
  • strain on friend and family relationships

This was all going on in the background, and then the day Maddy arrived…

  • active labor arrived suddenly
  • Mason stayed after work late to play softball (and injured himself)
  • Insurance company was called frantically (2am stateside time) to notify them we were headed to the hospital
  • Int’l Clinic was called (but didn’t tell the Delivery Room…so my doctor was not present.)
  • water broke before we got out of town
  • Mom (our driver) had never driven from our house to the hospital before
  • Timing landed us right in the middle of rush hour traffic trying to get into the capital of Seoul, Korea
  • Upon arriving at the hospital, progress was assessed and I remember the nurse telling me NOT to push, and yelling that they were moving me to the delivery room.

It was pretty crazy, and pretty much a big mess.



When I looked back at the pictures from the hospital and delivery room that night, I struggled to see the beauty. I actually found that they were more appealing if I converted them to grayscale images. It helped me to find the beauty in the mess.

In the early days of having Maddy home, I found myself in more messes: poop-splosions, projectile vomiting, and trying to breastfeed a newborn baby. Add it all together and it is a recipe for laundry and cleanliness disaster!

Now that our Little Girl is a toddler, I find “toddler trails”. These are not paths, but rather the evidence that my child WAS there! Toys, books, food particles, dress-up clothes, actual clothes, the occasional diaper and shoes, bags and whatever else looked interesting along the way are all spread in the direction from which she came!

Life will be full of messes…big, overwhelming messes. I realize this, and I want to find the beauty in the mess of life, because there is glory to be found!

“If I’m not purposeful to sort out the good and the bad,

I will pass on the good and the bad to those I lead.”

Jenni Catron, Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence, pg. 46

Clout, by Jenni Catron, is written for those in leadership positions, and motherhood is most certainly a position of influence. As I read Jenni’s statement, I contemplated how whatever mess I am in affects not just me, but my spouse and children as well!

Finding beauty requires wisdom, and wisdom is available to any one of us. In Proverbs 8:17, “Wisdom” promises,

“I love all who love me. Those who search will surely find me.”

No matter what mess you face…

No matter what mess surrounds you…

No matter what mess threatens to drown you…

take a breath and learn to find beauty in the mess!

Pass on the good you find to your family.



Be thankful.


Be purposeful to pass on the good to those you love!


What do you think?

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