FAVE: Kamani Designs Review & Giveaway

See this face? I love this cute face so much.

2014-04-03 22.43.21

The messes this little girl can make are absolutely astounding! Maddy is our first child, so when it comes to mealtime, I very quickly found a few tools that worked, and those that did NOT! Bibs are one of those things that are either major “WIN”s or “FAIL”s (if you are a parent, you know this!). We tried several different bibs, and not surprisingly, the homemade bibs that friends gave us were holding up the best (aside from a decent toddler pocket bib with NO BRAND ON IT!) Needless to say, I have been searching for some good bibs that we can actually put to use around here.

I had a few requirements:2014-03-28 05.45.03auto

  • pocket to catch the mess
  • large enough to cover the “eating area”
  • safe materials to have on my daughter’s body and touching her food
  • well-made for durability

I got desperate at one point and almost purchased a OXO Tot Roll Up Bib or BABYBJORN Soft Bib, but I held out in hopes of not wasting my money on something that wasn’t going to work for us. The Etsy hunt ensued and it took me a bit, but I came across something that appeared unique when Kamani Designs popped up in my search results!

2014-04-03 23.01.42auto

Kamani Design owner, Lia, was willing to let me test and review a few bibs, so Maddy helped pick out three. Before I tell you about our experience using them, here are the standout features for Kamani Designs products:

  • Safe Fabric: all Snappy Bibs are made with safe fabric that has been tested as lead and phthalate free and is CPSIA approved so it is considered safe for use by children (unlike oilcloth).
  • Ease of Cleaning: Snappy Bibs are very practical to wipe off or hand-wash and they are ready to go again! This is GREAT when you are on the go and need to be able to put that post-mealtime bib back in your diaper bag. The snap-up pocket also un-snaps for thorough cleaning without having to wash every time.
  • Sizes: adjustable neck sizes with 2 snaps make the Snappy Bibs very practical for extended use with your little one.
  • Coverage: unlike other trim bibs, Snappy Bibs are designed with wide shoulders and a full torso with a snap up pocket to catch the mess.
  • Style: not only are Snappy Bibs reversible, but with a variety of bright and colorful fabrics to choose from, you can even mix and match your own favorites to design a custom bib! As well, Lia handcrafts matching Pacifier Clips and Splat Mat/Art Mats. hinta set would make an incredible baby shower gift!

Our three bibs were put to use immediately when they arrived, and have become fast favorites. Well, Maddy’s favorite is the “pow” (cow) bib that she picked when we ordered. We also chose a “puppel” (purple) one and the third a pretty black, white and yellow print.

package bibs

Upon opening the bibs, I found myself pleasantly surprised when I discovered detailed care instructions as well as a bright and simple guide for how to use the pockets on the Snappy Bib! (Lia has designed a unique fold which keeps the pocket open to “catch” whatever falls.)

2014-03-28 05.41.20auto

We were packing up to head out of town for the weekend for a family wedding, so we tested these intensely right off the bat. Maddy used one to eat her lunch about 10 minutes before we headed out the door, and it was SO EASY to wipe off with a damp cloth and fold it right up to put in our “go” bag. I was instantly relieved about mealtimes over the weekend (the Snappy Bibs were going to make it so easy)! These bibs truly did make mealtime and clean up a breeze while we were out, and we got tons of compliments on them.

2014-04-03 22.44.14text

I really want to emphasize just how convenient these Snappy Bibs have been for me to use, wash, and re-use. The Snappy Pocket Bib works beautifully to catch (and then release) the mess, leaving no food particles stuck in a seam! I haven’t needed more than running water and a quick scrub for the worst of our dried-on messes. (Because, let’s be honest…the mealtime mess doesn’t always get cleaned up immediately around here!) #keepinitreal
clean collage

Hanging to dry is only necessary if you wash them under running water. A damp cloth wiping would typically just require a quick dry with a towel.

Hanging to dry is only necessary if you wash them under running water. A damp cloth wiping would typically just require a quick dry with a towel.
pocket collage text
There is not enough positive I can say about our experience with the Snappy Pocket Bibs we chose. Lia is creating great products and I am so proud to support her and share her business with you!

Here’s where you get a chance to try out a Snappy Bib!

Which print will you choose?

Which print will you choose?

Kamani Designs is offering one of YOU a custom  Snappy Pocket Bib. Are you a mother of a toddler? Do you know a mother of a toddler? Follow the link below to enter the giveaway!

CLICK to go to the Entry-Form


Disclosure – Per FTC Regulations, I am disclosing that I received product(s) from the business mentioned above, at a discounted rate, for review. I was in no other way compensated for my review. The views expressed above are my own, honest opinions and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

4 thoughts on “FAVE: Kamani Designs Review & Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review! These definitely look like something I will need in the near future 🙂 And I love that there are set options…definitely going on my registry! I love the chevron fabric and will definitely be looking into those for our little one!

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