{I always get the song from White Christmas in my head when I say sing the word “snow” to myself!}

2014-03-26 03.58.22

Some people I spoke to did not believe the weather forecast, but I was certain it was really going to happen.

Not that I wanted it to.

I just knew that it would.

2014-03-26 04.00.41


A year ago we were moving into this wonderful townhouse with the crowd-sourced furniture Mason gathered up (along with our few boxes and suitcases of belongings) and within the first couple days of living here, it had snowed. [read about it here]

2014-03-26 03.59.25

Winter tends to tempt me toward feeling of depression, but thankfully for the last 2 months Mason and I have been regularly exercising together so the barrage of winter storms has barely even phased me. Whereas the other storms have come and gone, my thoughts hardly paying them any mind, this storm halted my emotions and I found myself reflecting on this week just a mere 52 weeks past. Praise God for where he has brought us. Wow!

2014-03-26 03.59.57

It is truly amazing what God can do in a year, and I look forward to another in this beautiful townhouse.


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