How Well Do You Know Me: Round 2

[following my original “How Well Do You Know Me” post]

If you know me well, you know that I am an artist to my core. Vibrant colors, texture, and beauty ignite my soul. Nature connects me to the Lord in such a dynamic way that words on a page can never parallel. Four winters were spent in college, grieving the four o-clock sunset. Enduring the bitter New England cold left me suffocated, gasping for Spring to arrive. Joy overwhelmed me today as I hung the Little Girl’s diapers out to dry in the sixty-degree breeze!

If you know me well, you know that I adore the warmer weather months (if you couldn’t tell by that last point). My toes long for breathing room and a spa pedicure.

If you know me well, you know that I am black and white. I struggle with gray. BIG-TIME. Yet, life is full of gray. God gave me a husband who helps me with grace, loving fully, and navigating the gray fog that is life sometimes.

If you know me well, you know that I adore ceremony, pomp and circumstance, symbolism, and regalia. Though I don’t need it in my Sunday religion, I love family traditions and my heart yearns to raise ebenezers and altars to honor God in what He has done for us.

My husband knows me well. See, on that last point he has learned well. He is not a ceremonial person. However, he willingly sacrifices his own preferences or desires and creates some ceremony in our life. Most recently that came in the form of a piece of furniture.

This one, in fact! (though we did not pay full price, thank you Target sales!)

See, we accomplished a few debt-free baby steps in recent months and they went by mostly unnoticed other than for me to encourage Mason verbally that we really had saved up our Emergency Fund and that we were oh, so close to paying off the smallest of our debts. Totally aside I had been crushing pretty hard on this cabinet and was searching for a good deal on one, and really hoping to find one used that someone was getting rid of so that I could use it to hold my sewing machine and craft supplies. I was nearly speechless when Mason told me we were getting it as an ebenezer of the Lord’s provision and how I had worked to manage our “Debt-free” efforts to this point.

How well do you know me? Mason knows me and loves me well. I could not ask for a better husband!



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