Getting healthy…

Though I haven’t shared much on social media lately about health, food, etc. Mason and I are taking some strides to discipline our bodies and shift our eating. This is something I am deeply convicted about because, let’s face it, I only get one body and NOW is the time for me to figure out how to really steward it well. I realize this will be a lifelong journey to keep a balanced healthy lifestyle, but I have a nearly-two-year-old to keep up with and I want my pre-baby strength back! 

One of my main goals for this year is to eat to fuel my body, not to satisfy cravings. As I shared this with Cheryl, my Beachbody Coach, I knew she was someone I could trust to really understand where I was. Cheryl is a mom herself, and of course she works her Coaching business with Team Beachbody (if you are looking for a coach, she is GREAT!). She was able to help me figure out a good workout regimen that fit with my lifestyle (30 min workout) and my workout preference (a bit of everything)! I started with our challenge group mid-February and completed round 1 of the 21 Day Fix last week.

Goal: eat to fuel the body, not satisfy cravings!

I was so thankful that my hubby, Mason, agreed to be my workout partner and the fact that we took before and after pictures as well as measurements was so encouraging! While I didn’t lose any weight the first round, I did lose several inches as my muscle tone is returning and my clothes fit differently than a month ago. You may be wondering, since I’m doing a Beachbody challenge, and yes, I did take the Shakeology plunge also (and I LOVE it)! I enjoy having shakes since my Mom used to make us homemade fruit and yogurt smoothies growing up, so it was very easy for me to incorporate this into my eating routine. I would attest to the many positive claims they promote that it does reduce “junk food” cravings, keeps you feeling full, etc. What I like most is that Shakeology is NOT just a protein shake (though it does have a good serving of protein) it is also packed with super foods that you just can’t consume in a more efficient and cost-effective way. My biggest struggle is that I am NOT interested in adding processed food to my diet. However, one processed item that boosts my energy, helps me eat less junk, and is full of truly good vitamins and nutrients to fuel my body??? Yeah, I’m a fan!

So, Mason and I decided to do another round and see if we can move ourselves a few steps further towards our healthy goals!

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