Thankful Thursday

It’s one of those days that I need to do some “thankful” exercises…

I’m thankful for the pain in my shoulder/arm because it reminds me that I have been working hard to discipline my body and take care of myself.

I’m thankful for dirty floors because I have a sweet nearly two-year-old ball of energy who I am called to love and invest in, to train and to whom I am to exemplify truth.

I’m thankful for the cold and snow because it reminds me of God’s process of renewal and seasons of growth.


I’m thankful for a mess of toys and laundry in my living room because my daughter is blessed with toys to play and learn with, and we have more clothes than we can wear in a week!

I am thankful for faulty technology because at least I have technology with which to work and earn a living.

I am thankful for a husband who loves me and wants to be near me…even on days when I need to get my attitude straightened out!

I am thankful for my Savior whose identity I claim as my own. I am humbled to be adopted into God’s family, accepted as my broken self, yet redeemed to wholeness in the Lord.


What do you think?

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