Because Giving is Still in Style…

Styles are so fleeting. What you found amazing and “ahead of the crowd” just a month ago is now outdated and needs to be sent to the consignment shop. I get sick of “style” sometimes (because of its unattainable nature), but as much as I retreat back to the basics and simple clothing, I always return to the beautiful, glamorous, and fun of being in-style. For me style is more about having fun, and fun is always in style!

Do you know what else is always in style? Giving.

Giving: to make a present of  (as defined by Merriam-Webster)

Yep. How is that?

Well, giving is kinda like fun. It’s always in style.

Let’s be honest, most of us love to receive presents. However, it is SO fun to GIVE presents! Especially when you know exactly what the receiver wants or needs, or that the gift you are giving will bless them in an unexpected or overwhelming way. Yeah, that kind of giving is what I’m talking about. Forethought and creativity are sometimes required, but the outcome, the present offered, the blessing accepted, and the joy that it produces in both giver and recipient are incomparable.

So, I want to introduce you to some people who would be so blessed if you would consider offering a present to them. Meet Matt & Corrine Lussier, a beautiful young married couple who have some pretty significant financial challenges on their plate right now. Here’s a piece of their story, 

“Corrine and her family found out that she has an inoperable brain tumor when she was 19. Just a few years ago she had brain surgery and recently received a few rounds of radiation to help decrease the size of the tumor. The good news is that the tumor has decreased and in one year she will be deemed in remission – and I am absolutely praying for this to happen! The “bad” news is that she and Matt now have the weight of a $10,000 radiation bill to face as they hope for that year-remission marker.

BUT this is where we all can play a role in their beautiful story. Matt and Corrine have only been married for a year and a half. Let that sink in – they have been married for less than two years and they haven’t even celebrated their 25th birthdays! During this short time they have faced things as a couple that many married couples statistically won’t even have to think about until their 15th or 20th years of marriage. These two have experienced the fear of hearing less-than-ideal medical results and the anxiety of what the future might hold if those results aren’t ‘promising.'”

I do not know Matt and Corrine first-hand, but one of my dearest friends does and I agreed to help promote the Luster’s story in hopes that some of you may be interested in giving out some presents when you read this. If you feel led in any way to support them, please go check out this site, where you can give a present of prayer support, a word of encouragement, or even give monetarily online! Please consider what part you can play in their story.


What do you think?

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