Happy New Year!

The New Year crept upon me so swiftly I could barely catch my breath between holidays, family, friends, visits, gifts, and work. 

*gotta be honest, I kinda miss working a job that revolves around a school calendar…that two-week Christmas Break is much missed!

I was so thankful for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day just to catch my breath!

And I did…

just in time to see my fellow bloggers begin to share their goals, words for the year, themes, and hint at upcoming announcements or launch new series or giveaways. 

What a blow to me who had only planned my posts through the end of last year (and completed my first long blog-series woot-woot)!

Well, I have no word or theme for 2014. No new series up my sleeve and as of yet I don’t have any giveaways planned.

However, I will be continuing to blog and share my heart.

I will continue to post about interesting or thought-provoking happenings.

I will even be continuing with book and product reviews (I LOVE sharing great stuff)!

I will likely throw a few pictures of my cute child in there to break it all up.

I am excited and refreshed as I anticipate what God has in store for our family this year. 367 days ago we were moving into 2 strangers’ house, confused as to what was next and searching desperately for what was “right” for us. I remember the desperation that I felt: how I entered survival mode and exercised daily just to keep my sanity. I remember waking up in a room, bed, laying on a pillow that wasn’t mine. I just wanted the nightmare to end.

Now, 2 days after the 1-year anniversary of that moving day, I have a clear vision for the next year! We have established multiple streams of income and will be able to take baby steps toward paying off debt. We are embedding ourselves in the core of The Way Bible Church and have developed friendships, safe, quality friends who are truly gifts from God.

Bring on 2014!


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