Finding Joy in YNAB!

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What on earth is YNAB?

Let me tell ya!

YNAB=You Need A Budget!

Mason and I jumped on board and became YNAB’ers in the last couple months since we were looking for a good budgeting solution which would enable us to…

  • budget *forward* (allocating income towards future months to build up a buffer)
  • have the flexibility in categories for our budgeting and…
  • still be able to use our debit cards.

We prefer a cash system, but until we get a full month ahead (and our bank is not convenient to our home in order to withdraw cash), YNAB looked like a great option to get ahead.

The great thing about YNAB is that it fits perfectly with the Dave Ramsey approach to debt-snowballing (we are reading Total Money Makeover together now) and the basic Biblical principles of handling money and stewardship.

I was pretty impressed with what we accomplished in just the first month of using YNAB. Even with spending the money to purchase the YNAB software, we were able to allocate money towards the following month’s income (beginning to create a buffer) and cover all of our expenses, giving EVERY DOLLAR a job! This has truly helped us so much that I couldn’t keep from sharing with you. Plus, YNAB is generous enough to give me a referral link here that will help you save some cash. Other than their special sales (like Black Friday-they had a good one!) this is the best discount you can get and I dare you to jump in and see what happens with your finances!

Use this link for $6 off your YNAB purchase!


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