Finding Joy in Christ

If you have been following along in my A to Z series, you are probably thinking I am mixed up in my alphabet since I should be on “X” this week, right? Well, I am not mixed up and I am on “X”. Let me explain. No, too much. Let me sum up. 😉

I considered writing about the eXhaustion of life with a toddler…(it’s been a long tiring week)

or the holiday eXcitement surrounding Christmas…

What came to mind as I thought about “X” was Christ.

More so the “Xp.” Greek shorthand for “Χριστός”, which is Greek for “Christ”. I quickly learned this abbreviation when one of my Bible college professors would often (I mean multiple times in an hour class) write it on the board amid other lecture notes.

Now, don’t jump to the idea that I am replacing “Christmas” with “X-mas” (that just looks lazy); however, I smile inside whenever I see that because those who choose to advertise a “Merry X-mas!” message are reminding me of “Χριστός”, the anointed Christ, our Savior.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

-Luke 2:11

I am so thankful for the joy of Christ, our Savior, who came and filled us with hope!


What do you think?

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