FAVE: You’ll Be Glad You Did Series

It has been a while since I shared something on a Sunday, but I just couldn’t wait to share this message series that I have been watching today. My parents recommended them to me a few weeks back and I made a mental note to look them up next time I had the chance. Well, our snow day today was the perfect opportunity so I have watched the first three messages thus far.

[link to series here–>] You’ll Be Glad You Did

I truly believe that Andy Stanley has (so far) shared the most Biblical and practical real-life advice that every believer can benefit by hearing and applying! His preaching on these topics shed light on my past and pinpointed some needs in my current season of life. I am sure that the last two messages will contain wisdom for future as well. This may be the best timeless life-application series I have heard (at least in a long time) and I cannot overstate the significant impact these truths can have on your heart and life if you will take the time to listen, watch, and APPLY!

Go download the podcast, watch the videos, do whatever fits in your life, but make it fit and you will certainly reap a great benefit from these messages!


What do you think?

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