Finding Joy in WINNING!

In the past, I never won anything…or, I very rarely won anything. I’m talking about sweepstakes, raffles, contests of some sort. If it was a drawing it just didn’t happen and I was always SHOCKED when it did.

Well, then 2013 happened!

At the beginning of this year I discovered the fun of giveaways on blogs, facebook pages that I follow or have “liked” and more. I started entering a few here and there and it has been pretty cool to see God provide for our needs (and wants) through some of the contests I have won!

I am often asked how I win, so here are my tips to winning:

  1. You will NOT win if you do NOT enter! Seriously, just click and enter. Especially if you already like the page or follow them on twitter or what have you.
  2. Only spend your time entering contests for things you actually want or would need, or that you can gift to someone. Whenever I am submitting entries I have someone in mind, a family member, friend, or if it’s just something I think is cool I have prayed and asked God to show me who is in need of the item.
  3. I enter selectively. If entries require me liking or following a page I don’t want to see or receive information from, it is NOT worth “liking” the page, granting them a “follow”, or especially subscribing via email! I don’t want to have to filter them later on.
  4. I enter low-entry giveaways. If you can see that the giveaway is ending soon (within 2 days for a 7-10 day contest) or that it only has 100 entries and you can get 10+ entries by submitting your “likes”, click away! You have good chances of winning and should try for it!
  5. Setup an email, twitter, etc. account just for entering giveaways! It’s really as easy as that and it will keep your main email from being overrun with information. Granted, I use gmail so with the “tab” layout now I can pick and choose whatever I want to see or have filtered to a Social Media/Giveaway tab. This is awesome!
  6. Lastly, and this is important, check your email to see if you won the giveaway! For as many contests as I won, I missed the deadline to claim a few prizes and was bummed to miss out on a prize (though thankfully none I was really upset over-it’s free stuff, after all).  Some giveaways only allow you 24 hours and some are 48+. What I do is an occasional search through my email with key terms like “giveaway winner”. This usually picks up the notification message telling me that I won a prize.

I figured it wouldn’t be fair to hype you up over entering giveaways without giving you hope that you could actually win, so here is a list of the things I have won this year through online giveaways. I do not share this to brag, but to encourage you that 1-God provided real NEEDS for us through these, as well as blessings for us to share with others, 2-you can win free stuff if you enter!

Note-I did not use or cash in on all of these prizes, and some of the prizes that I claimed I have not yet received. Sadly, that happens and you just have to move on. Mostly though, I have been introduced to some great companies and we have enjoyed some wonderful products! 

A Set of Eco-Dent Tooth Powder, Mouth Rinse, BWC Lip Gloss & Clay Mask (I began using this tooth powder in February and I am JUST NOW finishing the bottle! How crazy is that?!)

$50 Prize Pack from Happy Family Organic Superfoods

Cupcake Wishes Pom Pom Garland (I have used this garland a couples times for decorations and it’s super cute!)

Diaper Prize Pack: GroVia hybrid shell with 2 inserts, 1 bumGenius 4.0 diaper, 1 KangaCare pail liner, 1 Eco Sprout Bottom Balm, a 12 pack of sampler wipes as well as a CJ’s BUTTer spritz. (We have used every bit of this as we started cloth diapering last spring.)

Cupcake Wishes Party Printables Set & Pom Pom Garland #2 (Yes, I won a SECOND garland from the SAME shop in a different giveaway! Also, I was able to use this printable set for Mason’s 30th birthday in a superhero theme.)

$30 Gift Card to Junie Blake

$25 Credit to Cupcake with Character’s Shop

Nursing Poncho from Jeni Lynn Designs (baby shower gift)

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert ebook (I can’t remember what the source of the giveaway was so I linked to the author’s blog but this was a great source as I started cloth diapering.)

My Very Own World Adventure Personalized Children’s Book (this is wrapped up under the tree for Christmas)

Lila Rose Clip

$25 Gift Card to Pink Blush Maternity (can’t find the post but linked to hosting blog)

I Heart Us Print (adorning my office/guest room wall)

Ju Ju Be Bag (perfect for a baby gift)

$20 Cali & Me Gift Certificate (got some hair ties for myself and purchased a baby shower gift)

$15 Credit to Victoria Peach Designs

$500 gift certificate to Geller Law Group

$250 Gift Certificate to Geller Law Group

Item of my choice from Breeas Boutique Bargains/Collectively Yours

I know that there was one more item: a romper and headband that Maddy wore for a few one-year-old pictures our friend Jackie took of her, but I cannot find the shop’s information anywhere.


Whenever I track it down I will be sure to link.

Now, go enter some giveaways!!!


What do you think?

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