Finding Joy in the Unfaltering One

I experienced a painful sciatic injury last month after exercising and have been reminded since then of just how easily I falter. I am very driven to achieve so when I am unable to cross things off of my to-do list I can get really frustrated. However, I am learning to find great joy in the One who gives me great joy. He is the very definition of UN-faltering!

Webster defines unfaltering as: “not wavering or weakening”. James 1:17 comes to my mind and I have to share it in the version I originally memorized,

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,

and cometh down from the Father of lights,

with whom is no variableness,

neither shadow of turning.”

I think it was about 8th or 9th grade when I committed that verse to memory and it has stuck with me since.

I cling to the truth that God doesn’t change, he doesn’t falter.

He cannot be shaken.

I am so thankful for His strength when mine is gone!



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