Finding Joy in That Moment

“You know when you know.” she said, with a sure tone.

“Yep.” I replied, while all three of us nodded our heads in agreement.

We were talking about our marriages, how we met our husbands. I remember that moment of “knowing” vividly. I couldn’t tell you the date on the calendar, but that morning was a crisp winter morning in Boston and I woke up with an incredible peace washed over my spirit. It felt like pieces had just fallen into place, everything was aligned and the view ahead was clear.


Because I knew.

I knew that Mason was the one God had for me to marry. My heart was at peace because I had found the one my soul loved.

“…when I found him whom my soul loves.

I held him, and would not let him go…”

-Song of Solomon 3:4

I had found the one who loved me in spite of me.

I had found the one who loved me even when I wounded him deeply.

I had found the one who was willing to walk through difficult seasons and weather storms together.

I had found the one with whom I could be weird. You know, totally being my crazy self.

I had found the one who I was committed to loving the same way in return, unconditionally.

All of these thoughts flew through my mind as we sat there sipping our Starbucks drinks and chatting that Friday evening. I reflected on that moment of peace, how sure my soul felt and how rare of a sentiment it is.

I commented, “You know, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It’s a peace in your soul.”

I realize that spiritual peace of “knowing” comes as a result of experiencing unconditional love and acceptance. I experienced the same feeling at a young age when I first began a relationship with God.

I put my faith in God fully at age 7, December of 1992. For the first time my soul was lifted of every sinful burden and I was “known” by my Creator. My entire life shifted and I had a divine purpose. What an incredible peace I had in that moment. I knew.


What do you think?

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