Finding Joy in Repairs

Back in the summer of 2012, right after Madeleine was born, I was facing a lot of change and transition, and a season of “moving”. When I was first thinking about coming back to the U.S. I knew that we would resume life where a vehicle was a “necessity” for everyday functioning.

Sidenote: I do miss the ease of transportation in Korea, especially as a WAHM!

Anyhow, I began to have all these stresses about settling Stateside and since there was absolutely nothing I could do to make anything happen I began to pray about them…a LOT! Well, one of the things that was a very specific prayer God put on my heart was for a car. Not just a car, but knowing that it would be a used/older vehicle, I prayed particularly for when that car would break down and prayed for us to trust the Lord as we walked through that event. I prayed for God’s provision and for us to have an expectant attitude as our Heavenly Father would provide for our needs (not necessarily our wants).

At our last oil change we were notified that there was potential for some pretty significant repairs needed on our vehicle. Talk about stress as it felt like we were just steadily treading water financially! Oh, add to that we were overdue on our car inspection. GAH!

Well, I don’t know how many people I had shared this with, because I actually forgot to ask for prayer via Facebook when I thought about it last week (I was having some quiet time, remember?). However, I am confident that our family and friends were praying for us. Why, you might ask? Well, yesterday our wonderful mechanic did some minor work on the car, inspected it, and sent us on our way for a minimal charge. God PROVIDED for our repairs!

So this time, we have another LARGE financial hurdle to take care of and without going into detail, I should know whether we have to pay a significant sum by Monday. If certain paperwork is approved, we will pay nothing. Would you please pray with me about that? Regardless of what the financial outcome is, our Heavenly Father is good and has taken care of us!

Praise God for car repairs and how He shows Himself through them!


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