Finding Joy in Quiet

Do you hear that?

No, really?

Maybe you need to turn off the noise around you…

try again.

Ahhh, it’s so…


In my world as a WAHM of a toddler, quiet is rarely a good sign (unless Maddy and the cat are both sleeping).

I also love to have music or a show going while I do dishes, cook, or clean. The quiet I would have while my little beings nap is spent working, making calls, etc.
This means that I have to purpose to have “quiet”. I don’t just mean to not hear something, but to create a calm, peaceful space where I can mentally relax. An environment to meditate on God’s truth, goodness, and process spiritually.

“Make time for the quiet moments

as God whispers

and the world is loud.”

(source unknown)

Daily, our daughter mimics my words, my actions, and my facial expressions. It’s amazing the slightest things that she picks up from me, her Daddy, and even the cat! I realize that incredible impact I am having on her little self. She is watching and learning everything from us!

I want Madeleine to know how to embrace the quiet and hear God’s whispers. The best way for me to teach her that is to live it with her daily. I have been a bit quiet here this week and that will continue as I joyfully embrace some quiet and listen for God’s voice.


What do you think?

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