Finding Joy in Plan to Eat!

{Disclaimer-this post DOES include referral links! While I would love it if you use them, whether you choose to or not is entirely up to you. Thanks!}

Recently a friend told me that I should be sharing with others some of the things I do to “keep my home”. She happened to think I did a pretty decent job, so I figured I would take her advice and post about something that helps me keep my sanity!

Before I found Plan to Eat I used a Google Calendar to organize my meals and then compiled a list by hand of grocery items. It worked well enough for organizing and planning meals, and it was so easy to re-organize when plans changed last minute. However, I hated having to go through and make the grocery list each week. For whatever reason it was really a stressful point for me to try to focus on the list when I am juggling a one year old, work, and everything else. I just needed the groceries to be easy!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Enter, Plan to Eat! I had seen several others who used it and I thought it looked pretty cool, but I wasn’t willing to spend the money on it. I have never been one to subscribe to things, especially if I feel like I can get by without it. I should have known when I did the 30 Day Free Trial that I would be hooked. It didn’t take me long to import a few recipes (check out how easy it is to add recipes here) and my grocery shopping has NEVER BEEN SO EASY! In fact, the first time or two I think I still printed my list, but since then I have the ability to use my Android phone, iPod or even my Kindle Fire HD. I usually organize the list at home, checking off the items I have leftover in the fridge or already in the cupboards, but in a pinch I have the ease to run to the store and pull up my list. It doesn’t get much more convenient, that’s for sure!

I could tell you all the things that Plan to Eat does, but I’ll just let you watch this and explore for yourself.

What most attracted me to using the Plan to Eat service was their approach to business. When I signed up for the Free Trial, it was just that: FREE! They did NOT ask for my payment information. I was also floored when I received an email within a week of signing up asking what I thought of the service thus far. I immediately wrote back saying that I was pretty happy with it, but that I couldn’t quite do everything I used to be able to like sharing my meal calendar with my husband (so that he can see what’s coming up for dinner). Wouldn’t you know, I was sent an immediate answer and you CAN integrate calendars with Plan to Eat also! SOLD!

The other detail that I love about Plan to Eat is that if I ever decide not to continue with their service, I can easily export my recipes. DEAL! Incredibly, the cost for a year is quite low, just like the risk factor.

Top Reasons I recommend Plan to Eat:

  1. Easy Meal Planning
  2. Easy Grocery Shopping & List Making (did you know that you can make lists for multiple stores also?)
  3. Saves time and $$$$$!
  4. You can share recipes easily via email, social media, etc.!
  5. They are a great company with awesome support (if you need it) and a great blog with recipes, giveaways and more!
  6. I almost forgot…the Cooking View!

Yes, I literally use this service DAILY from laptop to device to phone, from planning to prep to cooking and baking. It’s just that good!


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