So You Want to Cloth Diaper…

*I am NOT a cloth diaper expert…but I’m always happy to share my experiences and what I have learned.*

This post will basically be a quick-start to cloth diapering in response to having the “basics of cloth diapering” conversation with several friends since we took the plunge earlier this year.

What you need to use cloth diapers:

  • cloth diapers
    • There are so many options out there…just pick something and start. The great thing about this is that cloth diapers have resale value so even if you end up hating a certain brand or style, someone else probably loves them and will buy them from you used. Don’t stress-just jump in and get something to try.
    • Try a diaper loan or rental (we used and it was a great experience! read about our experience here)
  • a way to store the diapers once they are soiled (ideally washing every 2-3 days)
    • Laundry basket or hamper with some kind of waterproof liner (re-usable pail liner like a Kanga Care Pail Liner
      or disposable trash bag)
    • Hanging Pail
    • Disposable Trash Bag (some kind of plastic bag you will just toss each time-this works to keep in the diaper bag also in lieu of  a wetbag)
  • detergent
  • a way to wash the diapers
  • a way to dry the diapers
    • A dryer
    • A drying rack
    • A clothesline
    • A hanging them over the side of a laundry basket (yep, I’ve done it!)
    • A set of wool dryer balls like Woolzies 3 XL Wool Dryer Balls ,Natural Fabric Softener
      * if you are using a dryer (so that you can ditch dryer sheets altogether)

*Dryer balls are NOT a necessity, but they do make a difference in the length of time it takes your dryer to dry a load. Read my review of Woolzies here.

I know that there are a lot more “things” you can get like cloth wipes, (cloth diaper safe) diaper cream, a diaper sprayer, Spray Pal – Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield, diaper pail deodorizers, and more! However, you really only NEED the things I listed above, and half of that is just a plan in your head. For real! You can do it!

The real question I would say you have to think about is,

how committed am I (as well as my spouse, family, caregivers) to making cloth diapering a reality?

If you’re ready, just dive in! And, get connected to others who are also cloth diapering! They will help you troubleshoot problems, find deals on supplies, and maybe even de-stash to help build your stash of diapers! Welcome to making new cloth diapering friends! 🙂 Oh, and allocating that diaper money to something else…that’s the best part!


What do you think?

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