Finding Joy in Nothing

No, seriously.

Nothing. It bring me some pretty significant joy these days.

See, I struggle sometimes a lot with “doing” too much.

Not a lot of big things, but too many small things through which I struggle to pace myself.

As someone who is motivated and finds purpose in “achieving”, I am quickly discouraged if my lists get too long or my tasks seem to be unfinished and hanging over my head.

Recently the Lord has so clearly revealed to me that I need to purposefully insert a buffer in my time: marginal time where “nothing” is planned.

Some days this means I sit and read or play with Maddy (more than the usual).

Other days it looks like me catching up on a project that took longer than I expected.

Or maybe it is cleaning out a closet and getting rid of trash or extra junk we don’t use.

The best is when I get to sit and read…by myself…or watch a TV show or movie. Ahhhhh!


It’s such a sweet, freeing reality to have time built into my days to do “nothing”.

I mean, I pretty much always fill it, but inserting these moments has made such a difference in my outlook on my days and my task list!

I’m off now…to enjoy my space for “nothing”!


What do you think?

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