Finding Joy in Mason

I have known Mason Conrad for 9 years now.

*pardon me while I re-group from the speed of life hitting me*

I still remember his first birthday after we had met. See, it was a momentous one as he was turning 21 and was a mere month into his Bible College career. I realize now, with a full understanding of the life he had the year prior, just how anticlimactic this day was for him personally.

This one stands out to me in particular because we had classmates who also shared this birthday with him-Michael and Ingrid. There was much excitement on campus that day as the new-found birthday friends all went out to celebrate. I was a spectator that day, not really connected intimately with any of them…yet.

It wasn’t long after that, just a few weeks later, that Mason “asked me out”. I believe it was Halloween, 2004. I was attracted to his laughter, his playfulness and easy-going nature. I was pretty high-strung, so it was good for me to be around someone who got me to loosen up. He was a sweet Southern boy young man who treated me with more gentlemanly kindness than I could stand at times. I almost squelched that in him, I fought it so much those early days. Thankfully, Mason Conrad’s flint head matched my stubborn streak. I accepted his invitation to date with a casual approach, and moments later was invited to embrace his heart: this man who I now knew for roughly eight weeks, informed me that he had asked God to “make the next one I date be the one I marry.”

“say, what?!” (remember my “casual approach” to dating at this time?? Yeah, insta-pressure.

*what happened between that moment and our wedding day could fill a book, so ask me about that another time*

Well, here we are 9 years later celebrating the life God has given him, celebrating the joy that he brings to me daily.

Mason, I love you always.

I love you for making me laugh…ALL the time!

I love you when you hurt me, as I have learned to extend God’s love more readily.

I respect you when you lead in requesting forgiveness.

I love you for finding my jokes funny.

I respect you for being an incredible father (and seeking, asking, looking for ways to be a better one).

I respect you for learning to lead a woman like myself.

I respect you for submitting to God’s humbling processes.

I respect you for working hard when you would rather watch superheroes.

I respect you for going above and beyond, and for loving me when I am difficult to love.

I love that you have massive dreams, even insane ones at times, and I love that you want me with you as you pursue them.

I am so blessed to have you as my husband-you multiply my joy!


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