Fave: Fotolanthropy

You may have seen this video of a Father’s love acted out towards his daughters. (I know that I have seen it shared via social media countless times recently).

I went beyond just watching the video though, because I was really intrigued by the logo of Fotolanthropy. I would encourage you to take a few minutes and be inspired. Check out Fotolanthropy’s mission {to tell inspiring stories} and catch a glimpse of what true endurance, faith, hope, and love look like.

And, if you are a photographer or videographer, consider joining their team! We need to see and experience more of these true life stories because people are hurting, desperate, and lost. I also loved that so many of the videos from Fotolanthropy shared Biblical truth in them-it is the best source for TRUE hope!

This is probably one of my favorites: “Gloriously Ruined


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