Finding Joy in My Job

Many days I have to choose to find joy in my job. I’m talking, the work I do for hire as an Executive Assistant.

NOT Mothering or making a home or being a wife. (or the bajillion other roles I play) Those are my purpose, career, and passion.

I’m talking, the hours I put in each week on my computer, on the phone, contributing to the dollars and cents it takes for us to make ends meet.

The opportunity dropped in my lap last December and, wow, was it an unforeseen blessing!

I am able to stay at home with Maddy.

I am able to wear what I want to wear.

I am able to craft, sew, cook, clean, play with our daughter, read to her, and invest in our church and ministry with the rest of my time.

I am paid well and offered more work than I can complete in a week-which means that I am employed for tomorrow as well!


In our country and in this age where the vast majority of people are “un-” or “underemployed”, I am blessed with the opportunity to earn a fair wage and fulfill the calling I believe God has placed on my life to raise our child in our home.

What an awesome thing to find joy in!


What do you think?

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