Finding Joy In Inspiration

I have been struggling with what I would post for “I” for over a week, but knew it would come to me in time.

*I even toyed with going ahead to “J” and coming back to write my “I” post but thankfully I realized what it was I was supposed to share.*


Duh, right?

It’s what I needed to write this post.

I have been struggling to find a balance.

A balance in who I will be as a Mom, as a blogger, as an employee and friend.

Note-the wife part of me I have a little more experience in so that wasn’t on the table for defining this time. ūüôā

Particularly as a Mom, I sense the need to develop a plan, lay out some structure for what I should be teaching Maddy, developing and investing in her over the coming years.

As always, I receive direction at just the right time. A dear friend sent me this article from Loving My Lot.

Then, I see this article ¬†from¬†Anne Miller¬†containing her encouragement as a response to Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s.

And I am inspired…to pray first.

Inspired to be the best Mom God created me to be.

Inspired to pray first as I “become” that Mom every day.

Inspired to teach Madeleine well, every day (whether that means reading with her, singing, playing games, going for walks, etc.)

Inspired to pray first as she watches my every move.

Inspired to love my husband well.

Inspired to pray first for Mason, for protection over Him.

Inspired to leave a legacy of righteousness.

Inspired to pray first for whatever steps I need to take in affecting the world around me.

Inspired to embrace grace and truth and to daily find the balance as I learn how to fulfill the role and calling God has placed on my life.

Inspired to pray first.

What are you inspired to do?


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