Just the Little Things…

So many little things this week that I needed to make notes of:

1. I wasn’t ready for the welling of emotion when I got my first peek at a sweet friends dear baby girl. I had to keep myself in check Sunday morning so that I didn’t turn into a puddle of tears in the hallway at church. Oh, my heart.

2. My jaw nearly hit the floor when Mason emphatically told me that he has been “DY-ING” for me to hang pictures on the wall. WHAT?! Says the man who a few years ago cringed whenever I brought home a new frame or decorating project. I guess it’s time to start using whatever I have to make this place really feel like home.

3. My sister and brother-in-law hopped on a plane for Asia. Maddy and I had a moment when she asked to talk/skype with her 이모 and I tried to explain to her that 이모 went “bye-bye” on an airplane. Instead of being able to pick up the Kindle  and Skype her, we took a minute to pray for them and of course I was working to keep myself from crying.

4. Our daughter is hilarious. Seriously, God gave her an incredible personality. I was teaching her to give eskimo kisses and she now thinks it’s the greatest thing ever! Oh, and she loves Ranch dressing/dip…especially when she gets her own “bowl”!

When did she get so big??

When did she get so big??


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