Finding Joy in Going Without Shampoo???

First, I am washing my hair (and showering)! *whew, since that that’s out of the way….

Now, let me explain.

My sister introduced me to the idea of not using lathery shampoo a while ago and I just never went for it. It seemed good enough, jut not something I was ready to try. Well, I’m definitely at a “simplify” stage in life where I am all for easy decisions, simplifying the foods we eat (less processed, more whole foods), and establishing easy to follow routines. Going without store-bought shampoo was just too easy when I realized that I was running out and I had everything in our house to try baking soda shampoo!

I’m not going to give you the run-down of how it all works (you can check that out here). But I already had people ask me about my hair maintenance all the time so here are the basics…

  • only wash roughly 2 times per week (Thanks to Anna, I started training my hair in college and go at least 3 days if not close to 5 between washes. Oh, and I usually get the most compliments on my hair on days 4-5)
  • use minimal products-I use what I consider a “normal” amount on days I wash my hair, but after that I use my trusty spray bottle from the $1 bin at Wal-mart and a little touch up of product to keep frizzies away
  • use an old t-shirt to dry your hair (learned this from a stylist who did a Deva-curl demo on my hair a few years back (If you have curly hair but don’t want to try the baking soda/vinegar route, consider trying Deva-curl-truly, my curly hair has NEVER looked better than when I used that line and the only reason I didn’t switch to using it was because my hubby didn’t like the fragrance. Hubby=more important than my hair!)
  • don’t TOUCH your curls once they are set and styled! The more you mess with your hair, the more it breaks up the curls and causes frizz!

So far I am about a month into using this system and my hair is CURLIER than before, as well as my tresses and scalp feel healthier.

What have you simplified recently? Are these changes helping you to find joy?

What do you think?

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