Finding Joy in Family Fun!

I saved this post for “F” for several reasons-I haven’t posted about “outings” much, and it just fit so well I couldn’t bare not to post about what fun we had as a family at the Fauquier County Fair! *wow, my alliteration is on overload!*





2013-07-21 08.55.06edit

This was Maddy’s first time at a fair and we were all really excited to show her some live animals. She has been very interested in them and has been working so hard to make her own animal sounds!

2013-07-21 08.57.34edit

Even with all the livestock, she was all about the puppy dogs we found in one of the booths!


Is that a face of excitement, or what?

We had such a blast going to check out all of the entries and I was blown away by the art, photography, crafts, produce and more!


My favorite sight was watching these two take it all in.

I found out while we were there that this was actually Mason’s first time at the Fauquier County Fair even though he grew up in the area.


Some times you just have to have a Family Fun night and break all the rules!

Have you been to your local fair this summer?


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