Finding Joy in Expenses

You’re probably thinking, yeah, right! What joy is there in expenses??

Well, I have been feeling the same way lately-dreading the spouse sync meetings that Mason and I have every week because I have felt like we are just barely making it financially and I don’t see any resolution in the immediate future (near, but not soon enough for my liking).

Don’t get me wrong, we are making it and we are making progress. God has certainly blessed our efforts in budgeting and executing wise financial strategy. As Mason and I were reviewing our budget and crunching numbers, we talked through the reality of God doing something so beyond us, so supernatural to redeem us from debt. We are not expecting God to grant us some inheritance from a rich relative (we don’t have any of those). 😉 However, we are firmly grasping the truth that God is the owner of EVERYTHING on this earth.

“For all the animals of the forest are mine,

and I own the cattle on a thousand hills.”

-Psalm 50:10

We are begging God to give us opportunity to increase our income, decrease our expenses, and to live with financial peace!

I know that if I merely focus on our expenses, I will get lost in the overwhelming burden that we are facing. However, when I stopped and focused on God as our provider (thanks to a husband who knows well when pause and pray), my spirit found joy. I was rejuvenated in my perspective of God as the Ruler of our lives, leading even in our finances. When I am submitted to Him, even managing my expenses can be joyful!


4 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Expenses

  1. Marla, for the first time in our married life, Joe and I are facing really pressing financial needs. We are on a very fixed income and feeling the pinch. I often have to remind myself that it is God’s money, not ours. I was very encouraged by your post! We often need to be reminded of how God can take any situation and turn it to His glory. I will be praying for you and Mason!

    • I’m so glad it encouraged you-I know what you mean about feeling the pinch! Thank you for the prayers and I will do the same for you and Joe!

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