First Scrapes

Recently our Madeleine has had a bit of a growth spurt, which has left her balance wobbly (all in her legs and feet this time-time for new shoes). A few days she even got tripped up and started crawling around a bit. I thought she was getting the hang of her longer legs and feet and then last week she tripped (2 different times in about a half hour) and skinned both knees! I felt so bad for her, but also realize that it’s just part of life and growing pains.

a day or so after, so they were healing up some by then.

a day or so after, so they were healing up some by then.

She took it like a champ and didn’t even cry or complain about it. Actually, it was a day or so after when they were healing and scabbed over that she actually pointed them out to me!

I am so overwhelmed with all of the things God teaches me through Madeleine. He uses my experiences as a mother to draw me to Him-it’s SO good! Here are a few things this experience of her first scrapes renewed in my mind:

  • Even growth, that I often see as good and further reaching some level of perfection, can result in some scrapes and scars when I get tripped up.
  • Scrapes do hurt, but they also heal and are a great reminder of who I am, imperfect, and yet an adopted child of God who comforts me in my pain.
  • Every time I trip, every scrape I get, is an opportunity to point back to my God.

Praise Him for first scrapes, and second, and third. We serve a gracious and holy God!


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