Finding Joy in Ants

It had been a long night after a long day of moving.

All I wanted was a cold bowl of cereal for breakfast.

What I got was a hoard of ants streaming down the wall of the kitchen, onto the fridge, and swarming all over my box of cereal!


I have to be transparent and say that I DID NOT have joy in those ants that moment.

Nor did I have joy when they continued to invade the kitchen…

from different locations…

for over 2 months!


However, I know that I can find joy in those ants because they were invading the home God has provided for us.

They were scouting the food we had to eat.

They were trailing through the kitchen I had to cook in.

I have so much to be joyful for, and those ants were a wonderful reminder of the joy I can celebrate in this life!

In what are you finding joy?

Check out my A to Z challenge!


8 thoughts on “Finding Joy in Ants

  1. Wonderful post!!! So convicting!!! I know I often get very frustrated and lose my joy – over little things, like ants – when I actually have SO much to be thankful for – like the house, the kitchen, the food, AND pest control! 😉

  2. I also find it hard to find joy in ants. In our first house, we had a horrible problem with ants; they swarmed in through the living room window and took up residency in our couch right before my hubby went to take a nap on it. Not fun! But, you’re right, there’s still joy to be found in the fact that we had a house, couch, and the number to Terminix on speed dial. 🙂

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