Product Review: Bkids Toys

I was incredibly blessed recently to be referred for a product review with Bkids Toys! (shout out to Rebekkah!) After giving it some thought and reviewing the company, Mason and I decided to move forward with not only a product review, but with B kids Ambassador program! You know what that means? YOU get a discount on your B kids order!

Of all the products I have reviewed thus far, Maddy was most excited about this one! Her excitement over the box was just precious, and it was absolutely spot-on once I saw what all was included for us to review.

3 Products I was sent: Pounding Shape Bench, Bobbee Snuggle Bear, & ABC Touch Pad

3 Products I was sent: Pounding Shape Bench, Bobbee Snuggle Bear, & ABC Touch Pad

I’m going to go in order of the suggested age, so let’s start with the Bobbee Snuggle Bear.

Cuddly and teething-friendly!

Cuddly and teething-friendly!

  • This cuddly 2-in-1 plush bear features an insertable electronic rattle that gently emits a glowing light and soothing melodies to comfort baby.
  • When baby needs a little help to fall asleep, the Bobee Cuddle Cub is the perfect companion.
  • At bedtime, parents easily insert an owl shaped rattle into Bobee’s backpack.
  • Just a gentle belly squeeze, this cuddly friend lights up and plays soothing melodies to comfort baby.
  • During the day, baby can play with this cuddly plush and the rattle separately.

Technically, B kids suggests the Bobbee Bear for ages 0+, so Maddy wasn’t super interested in it right now. I will say though, it’s incredibly soft and the “rattle” (which doesn’t rattle so I didn’t like that they called it that) makes a great hand-held toy and teether. What I did love about the design of the Bobbee Bear was that the electronic part of the toy is removable so even though it isn’t recommended to wash the bear (they recommend surface cleaning), you could put it in a laundry bag or pillowcase and run it through the wash. Not sure how the plastic part would do in the dryer though, but on “low” it would probably be fine. Lastly, I felt like this would appeal more to girls because of the feminine coloring and the little owl “rattle” is girly. Not a huge deal, but something to consider.

Next up, the ABC Touch Pad


So intriguing!

  • Learn ABCs, 123s, and more the fun way with this super interactive light and sounds touch pad.
  • Multiple game modes keeps infants entertained with a host of fun and exciting features!

This toy is recommended for 6m+ and Maddy was loving it immediately (she is 12m)! With the various features there is a lot for her to explore and I have found her gravitating towards it several times a day for the last week. One thing that I initially wasn’t sure if I liked or not was how the “ABC” song didn’t play all the way through. It was broken up in phrases and each time you press the button it plays the next phrase. After thinking about it I decided I actually really liked it because 1-the song doesn’t keep playing FOREVER and 2-it saves on battery power (which means I change batteries less and spend less purchasing batteries for toys!). Not sure how into it she would have been at 6 months, but if I had it I would have tried it with her. She LOVES the animal noises it makes!

Lastly, we got the Pounding Shape Bench!


Perfect for some fine motor skills, and soon enough gross motor too!

  • Helps foster shape recognition, colours and size differentiation skills.
  • Soft plastic edges protect child from cuts.

The shape bench is recommended for 12m+ and it’s definitely right at the “challenging” level for Maddy’s skills. She is more interested in teething on the bench and shapes than pounding on them, but soon enough she will be pounding away! This on in particular is quite sturdy and I do love the grippy feet (which Maddy also likes to chew on). Another thing I liked about this was the there is a little slot to for the hammer to fit in!

Here’s my summary: totally impressed with the learning elements incorporated in these toys! They are great for tactile development and the ABC Touch Pad gives Maddy her own “device” to play with that has so much for her to explore. B kids is putting out some great options for the little ones in our lives (infant and toddler stage in particular from what I have experienced) and I would highly recommend these items to other moms or to those purchasing for other “littles”.

I hope that you have enjoyed getting a little preview of B kids newest toys and please use my B kids Ambassador discount code “MarlaStanley” for 10% off your order!

Disclaimer: I received these products free in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255<> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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