FAVE: Maley Designs

Confession: I’m a bag lady. I come by it honestly. I can present a great case with very valid reasoning as to why I should be allowed to keep just about any given bag, purse, tote, etc. However, I strive not to be a hoarder. Lofty goals I have, huh? 😉 Well, because I know what I don’t want to be I do try to keep my “stuff” streamlined and excess to a minimum. However, this market tote that I got to review from Maley Designs will be in my stash of bags for a long time!

Here’s why:

1. streamlined for storage!

2013-05-17 02.27.34 2013-05-17 02.27.49

2. cover is removable and durable, easy to clean

2013-05-17 02.30.51

3. pockets (1 one each end)!

2013-05-17 02.29.38

4. cute design AND my first married initials in monogram (I guess it’s about time since we are approaching our 5th anniversary)!

2013-05-17 02.26.18

At first I didn’t quite know what I was going to do with it or what I would store in it. Then, the party planning happened for Maddy’s first birthday. This wonderful little tote helped keep me organized.

Had to include this one of my little helper investigating the new craft tote!

Had to include this one of my little helper investigating the new craft tote!

Whitney was a pleasure to work with as I picked out my color/pattern choice and selected a monogram style. She did wonderful embroidery work on the monogram, and I just wish I was local to her in Colorado so that I could attend one of her sewing classes! My sewing machine that is upstairs in the closet would get much more use, I’m sure! 😉

Here is an example of her classes:

Lastly, I have to include this cute bib that Whitney sent for Maddy to help me review.

2013-05-17 02.33.48

Super cute polka dot print with a luxuriously soft chenille underside (most babies love this-I know mine does!).

2013-05-13 03.36.55

I think the chenille has the coolest texture to it!

2013-05-13 03.38.05

So, what all does Whitney offer at Maley Designs? The better question is, what does she NOT 0ffer? Embroidery is certainly her specialty, but she has totes, tag blankets, bibs, hooded towels, tablet cases, burp cloths, personalized onesies and baby blankets, capes, nursing covers, binkie clips, and infinity scarves! Like I mentioned above, she also offers sewing classes (group and private) that teach a myriad of basic sewing skills. I know that I could certainly benefit from something like that! Best part of Whitney’s business? In her words, she is “proud military wife with a  passion for sewing.” She told me that she learned to sew in Korea (how cool!?) and found that she enjoyed sewing so much that she began her own business. It keeps her busy while her soldier serves our country! Whitney has only been in business a couple years, but she has built a great little corner of the market. I would absolutely recommend her products and services to others!

Check out her facebook page here: Maley Designs and as a special thanks to you, my reader, she is offering a promo code: SAVE10 for 10% off when you place an order through her facebook page!

Note: I have to publicly apologize as I should have had this post up a week ago-I was completely sidetracked with my daughter’s birthday preparations and general busy-ness of my job. Please overlook my delinquency!

*This blog receives no payment or compensation for reviews of products. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review.*


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