Jay & Amy Creations Review

Etsy Shop + Christian Mission + Beautiful Product=WIN-WIN-WIN!

I cannot brag enough about Jay & Amy Creations! [like their facebook page here] I came across their shop just last month and knew I had to ask if I could review their business. Jay & Amy sell beautiful necklaces with unique pearl pendants as well as earrings and handbags. These are PERFECT items for Mother’s Day and I can attest that they ship promptly-the package I was sent arrived at my door in less than 2 days so you have time to decide with what you want to bless your Mom! *read to the end for a special promo just for you, my reader!*

Jay & Amy were kind enough to send me their feature product: a “Peas in a Pod Necklace” to review. I told them, and will tell you-I was stunned when I received the package for two reasons: first, it arrived in under 3 days; second, the pendant and chain they sent were BEAUTIFUL! My husband raved over it, Maddy couldn’t stop admiring it all day, and I was proud to wear it! I have a lot of jewelry of many different styles, from many places around the world, but this necklace is unique because it has three pearl “peas” in a pod. Mason (my hubby) helped me choose the number of peas to represent Him, myself, and Maddy. I love that.


Even more stunning than their necklace is their mission for their shop. Let me quote them:

“We are not just another business peddling our wares.

We are building a business model that continuously gives back.

10% of proceeds go to help families adopt!

So remember when you purchase an item from our store you are helping bring home a child into a loving home!”

How incredible is that? I spent a little time reading their story here (you should too-it will only take 5 minutes). Go ahead. This post will still be here when you return. 🙂

I love Jay & Amy’s heart for their business, for orphans, and for families like yours and mine to expand their vision to include grafting those orphans into our lives!

“the greater vision came for the business when we realized we could use a business,

we are passionate about,

to further the other passion,


They even included a little gift from their family!

They even included a little gift from their family!

Catch a glimpse of Amy’s heart as she wrote over at Naptime Diaries last week! (hint-you can enter a giveaway hosted there also!)

Catch a glimpse of Jay’s heart as he talks about their blog title.

One last snippet that I resonated with so deeply:

“I am not saying it has always been easy or fun

but as I look back I can say it is good and we are on the road to somewhere good.”

Jay & Amy have been so generous to extend a special coupon code for you, my reader! Use “miprip20” in their shop for 20% off non-sale items valid for the next 7 days so get shopping!

Etsy Shop: Jay & Amy Creations

Facebook Page: Jay Amy Creations

*Disclosure-products received were given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*


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