Gettin’ Back Into Shape Update-8 Week Program Complete!

Lindsay Brin from Moms Into Fitness

Yes, I did it-I finished the 8 Week Program! I didn’t necessarily feel like I had accomplished anything significant, but looking back I realized that I worked out 5 days per week for 8 weeks straight using Lindsay Brin’s Bootcamp 2.

I updated through the weeks (WK 1-2 WK 3-4 WK 5&6) and talked about a lot of different aspects. Here is how I want to sum up:

Con-they didn’t always show the modifications for the exercises. Not well or long enough anyway. Just a head’s up to anyone who may try it-it will take a few times of watching it to know that you are nailing the proper form or following in the right stage (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Pro-I am in much better shape now than I was before. I DO have more energy, can sprint down the sidewalk, play around with Maddy, and even helped my hubby left some seriously heavy furniture when we moved 2 weeks ago. I could not have done all of that 2 months ago.

Con-the 7-8 week workout is CRAZY long for a mom-45 minutes solid! I don’t know a mother who has an hour to workout (because that’s how long it takes to get ready, start your dvd, get water, workout, cool-down, and then you need a shower). Sure, you can break it up but then you have to warm-up each time too! I for one want to get it finished and move on with my day. However, I did need to push myself through that last stage to get to where I can now maintain with a 30 minute workout each day. I feel pretty good about that.

Pro-I love that once my 8 week program was over, I was able to do the same warm-up and cool-down but have a completely new and different workout by choosing from the menu. And, it was finished in 30 minutes. Serious WIN! I thought I would be done with it and ready to ramp up to my old workouts, but I think I’m going to master some of the other Core Sessions and Cardio/Toning before I mix in other workouts.

Overall, I was very pleased with this exercise DVD and the 8 Week Program in particular. I certainly do not look like Lindsay or the other women on the DVD, but I feel stronger and more fit, and my hubby can also tell a big difference! I feel like I’m more “me” again!

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money and the review is my honest opinion. I was in no way compensated for my review.


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