Let me just take a few moments to share a praise with all of you!

Back in July 2012 Mason and I bought round trip tickets to return to Korea in January 2013. (Refer back if you need to fill yourself in) We are currently in the process of discerning what God has for us next (Mason’s occupation primarily), so we are living off of what sporadic income we get as I work from home and Mason pursues sidework where he can get it. In the meantime he is applying for positions, interviewing, and waiting for responses. So far we have only clearly recognized that the Lord said “no” to 2 positions at local car dealerships. Interestingly enough, these were the 2 jobs Mason was outright offered and aggressively I might add. They wanted him to start immediately.

Since November we have done our best to stay on-budget, only buy the things we need, eat in, use coupons, etc. Basically, any way that we can save we are pursuing it! This also means that I have learned to cook venison recipes because, well, that is the meat God provided for us-tenderloin, burger, roasts, steaks…we have had it all! I have sensed throughout the last few months that our bank account was going to hit a certain amount (as in, small amount) before God revealed what job Mason was to pursue. I thought we might be at that point, and we may still be. However, just a few days ago God doubled our bank account.

Back to the airline tickets. I called a few days prior to leaving Korea to confirm some baggage details for our trip. The airline rep told me that Madeleine wasn’t on the itinerary! What?!?! I thought we had that straight 2 months prior when we reserved the bassinet and bulkhead seats? Nope. Somehow it was overlooked. Not the bassinet (that was noted), but the infant ticket part. *SMH-Don’t ask why no one caught on to the fact that there was no infant on the itinerary but we had a bassinet.* Because of this situation we ended up purchasing Maddy’s ticket at the airport just a few hours before we boarded for the US. No big deal because she’s a baby and no seat reservation required. Hers was the only paper ticket we had while Mason’s and mine were e-tickets so we just had a printout and confirmation numbers.

Well, in December we were trying to figure out if we could get some money back from the unused portion of our tickets. Mason spent some time on the phone (he has a reputation of doing very well with customer service reps so he got this job) and found out that while they wouldn’t refund his or my tickets, they could refund the rest of Maddy’s if we sent in her paper ticket with a refund request. Well, we praised God for the 80-some-odd dollars He would give back to us.

I prepared her paper ticket to be returned, wrote a simple note with our contact information, our ticket numbers that should have in some way been attached to hers as a minor, and asked Mason to mail it one day. He took the rental car to the carwash so that it was ready to return…

Envelope disappeared. *groan*

The date for our flights passed. I gave up on the money being returned because, well, in my mind it was the passed the date so they had no reason to return it to us anyway. I figured that was God’s money and He could do with it as He pleased.

A couple days later Mason found the envelope!

I jokingly said, well, maybe I should send it in anyway! Hmmm…can’t hurt if they say yes, right? And the worst they can say is no and it costs us a stamp.

February 8th I received an email stating that Delta had processed our ticket refund claim and they would be refunding is a portion of the infant fare AND BOTH ADULT FARES!

I thought it was a joke.

I double checked the email.

Mason got the same email.

I waited for something to show in the bank account.

Sure enough, a few days later it posted.

and then I realized: we got a refund because Maddy had a paper ticket.

Maddy had a paper ticket because of some oversight in our initial booking.

God prepared that money, to be refunded to us in February, last July…

last September at the airport…

The paper ticket...

The paper ticket…

I think I will save this picture and the passenger receipt. One day we will tell Maddy this story and hold up this picture, that receipt, as an ebenezer of how God went before us, how He provided for us in our time of need.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

And, HOO-RAH for Delta Customer Service!


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