Product Review: B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

Maddy got a great present for Christmas: B. One Two Squeeze Blocks! I was so thrilled when I helped her open these-they are bright and colorful, stack-able, yet soft enough for her to “nom” on. 🙂

My first impression-great gift and perfectly age appropriate without sharp corners, soft enough for my little one who is learning how to be coordinated but loves to fling things around (sometimes even bashing herself in the face). They have a great SOFT squeak! (Not obnoxious).

Second impression-I love the learning element that is incorporated in this set of blocks! Every block has a number and each one has that number of its’ animal featured on the sides. As I took a second look at the blocks and their packaging I fell even more in love with this product.

Here’s why:

  • their packaging is reusable (the bag the blocks came in is now a diaper/wipes pouch we keep in the car for quick trips to the store, etc.).
  • it came with a great little booklet of B. Quotes (check some out there-hilarious!)
  • this company is earth-friendly! The packaging they use is minimal, recycled, and reusable! That is only the beginning…read more here!
  • B. gives 10 cents of every purchase to Free the Children!

The kiddo’s review-she loves these blocks. She stacks them, squeaks them, and inspects all sides of them. I am sure they will remain a favorite for a long time!

I am so glad that I was introduced to this great company. I would absolutely recommend these blocks to other parents and wouldn’t hesitate to buy a set to give someone in the future!


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