Gettin’ Back In Shape

Before I became pregnant with Maddy I was very diligent with my exercise routine, complete with some Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (I had built up to Level 3 using 3kg weights), and also incorporated other cardio, yoga, pilates, and the occasional spin class. Apart from when I was playing competitive volleyball, I think that was the point when I was in the best physical shape in which I have ever been. Needless to say, I have missed that shape!

Granted, I had 9 months of pregnancy, then delivered a baby. So my body has undergone some major changes in the last year and a half. I have been breastfeeding Maddy so that certainly helped me get back to a new “normal”. Seeing as we were expecting to travel from last September thru mid-January I had intended to start a regular workout regimen when we returned to Korea last month. I didn’t stress at all through the holidays, and I hate getting out in the freezing cold months so while I certainly could have taken up more walking it just wasn’t worth it to me when I would be frozen and chapped. I much prefer to stay cozy and read a good book with Maddy!

I had some Christmas money so I invested in Lindsay Brin’s Boot Camp 2 DVD. Why not #1? Well, I got to try out some of her maternity workouts and while they were good exercises, they were a little dated and the reviews on her first Boot Camp DVD weren’t rated quite as high.

I started the 8 Week Program at the very end of January so I am now in Week 3. Here are my thoughts so far:

Week 1-it was a great start to resuming exercise post-baby. There are certainly some exercises that may “look” like you aren’t doing anything, but if you actually follow Lindsay’s instructions, you WILL be able to notice change and rebuild core strength from the inside out! After just the first 5 days of doing the program I felt more toned and could sense my strength rebuilding (gotta love muscle memory)!

Week 2-the workout got easier and I was able to move up to the intermediate/advanced versions of the routine. I could feel a significant change *already* in my perineum, pelvic strength, and endurance through the exercises. My lower back pain was relieved.

Critique-Lindsay was definitely more “sweet” in her maternity videos and I did not enjoy them as much because it was just too cotton-candy-ish. I have no idea how to describe that any better than light and fluffy. I am very pleased that she is not that way in Boot Camp 2 (so far-I have experienced about 1/3 of the workouts available on the disc).

Like my workout buddy? She loves to play with the weights-she's a little beast!

Like my workout buddy? She loves to play with the weights-she’s a little beast!

Will update you more in a couple weeks!


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Back In Shape

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