Let Me Sum Up

Summer 2012-believed God was leading us to return to Korea in 2013 to partner with Mission Baptist Church (for Mason to work alongside the staff by offering his gifting in leadership, organizational structure, etc.). We stepped out in faith and purchased round-trip tickets putting us back in the Pyeongtaek area on January 15th, 2013

September-November 2012-took trips around the US to visit friends and families and introduce Maddy to everyone (we made it to South Carolina, Texas, and up to New England) We had plans to spend the bulk of the Christmas/New Year holidays with Mason’s family in Northern Virginia.

Nov 4, 2012-found out we would not be able to return to Korea at this time due to financial matters. We instantly took a step back to examine everything, spending a week at Mason’s grandparent’s lake-house. We fasted, prayed, saturated ourselves with Scripture, and begged God for direction. We expected that God would reveal His guidance quickly…the only response we received from the Lord was to “go where My provision is.”

Mason began filling out job applications on several fronts-ministry, law enforcement, etc. No direction.

Within a few weeks God provided for us in several ways…boxes of baby supplies (diapers, wipes, food, etc.) totaling worth=at least $200 or more. A cooler full of venison. Expenses covered for December’s rent and utilities to stay in the lake-house. An open door to move in with a family from church. Opportunities to minister within our church. A job opportunity for me to work from home (with the flexibility to take it with me should we relocate). God made it so clear that He was providing for us here, yet we still had no direction for Mason’s career steps.

January 2013-we still aren’t sure what the next step is. Mason is still job searching. However, God continues to provide for us here, so here we are, where His provision lies.


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