Getting Back In the Habit

Our family has entered a season where we do not necessarily have outside influences (like a job) making demands on our time. While this has brought definite challenges, this is certainly a joy for us in that we have the flexibility to spend quality time with Maddy and we can run errands at non-peak times. However, I am celebrating that we are in a semi-settled state again.

God has blessed us with a place to call “home” for now. Not sure how long we will be here or what our next move will be, but until God reveals those details this is where we are.

We have internet again, making us feel like we can function. Mason can apply for jobs, do research, etc. I can perform tasks for my job working from home while Maddy plays.

This also means that I can start blogging again! I have missed having this space to process my thoughts, share what I am learning, and document some of our life!


What do you think?

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