Leftover Markings

We love leftovers in this house-I can always use them up, turn them into some new dish, etc. However, sometimes I put stuff in the fridge without labeling it. Eek! Not good when I’m trying to distinguish between pizza sauce, barbecue sauce, etc. And I’m not an adventurous sniffer or finger dip’n’lick’er to get the identification job done.

So this is where I have a new favorite kitchen love.

Remember these from last week?

Chocolate Chunk Cake Cookie Bars-labeled and ready to go!

Well, here’s how I did it!

Chalkboard/Whiteboard Markers!

They work so well to label things-for the fridge, a potluck, etc. And it washes right off of plastic, glass, etc!

I just had to share since it’s such a simple easy trick. Happy labeling!


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