100 Days

August 31st marked Maddy’s 100th day of life. Being a little one in Korea made that a very big deal!


In American culture we celebrate birthdays and many significant ones at that, 1st, 16, 21, etc. (and probably many more that are uniquely significant in between those major ones) However, in Korea there are only a few that are celebrated with much affair-100 Days is one. (See here for some background) We did not do a ton to celebrate Madeleine’s 100th Day, but we are blessed to have some sweet Korean friends and church members who made it special for us and her.

First,we were given the most beautiful rice cake I have ever seen (largest I’ve ever held, too)! Maddy received her first birthday check and gifts as well. There was so much rice cake that we shared it with neighbors in our apartment building, the lady who runs the public parking lot near the church, the couple who run the Good-Mart across from church (convenience store Mason frequents), as well as our Building Manager at the church building. Because Korea has a reciprocal culture, and since it was rice cake for Maddy’s 100 Day, each of those significant people returned a gift for Maddy (they wouldn’t take no for an answer). She received cash, a winter outfit, and an adorable sleeper. I was humbled and reminded again of how the Lord will provide for our needs WHEN we need them. The outfit and sleeper are exactly what we will need for the coming months traveling through fall and winter!


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