Defining Moments

*inspired by my friend’s post*

So many of my moment in life have been defining, life-changing. Where I could nearly feel the shaking inside me as something changed.

Here are 5 of mine.

  • When I began my relationship with the Lord (I happen to remember the specific day-December 1, 1992)
  • A steamy summer night in Arkansas when I fully surrendered my life’s calling to God’s purposes (summer of 2001 I think)
  • The day I told Mason that “I knew” we would get married…sometime during the spring semester of 2007
  • A brisk fall day in TX (2008) where I sat through the burning tears, refusing to allow my rear out of the chair…I knew if I got up I would leave the house and that just might be the end of ministry life for me
  • Just a few weeks ago when I realized that the Lord had chosen to give us Madeleine Caillat Stanley so that she would first play a part in my own personal growth and healing process.

What are some of your life-changing moments?


What do you think?

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