Pregnancy Update-Week 40

Ready to pop? Yep, that’s about how I feel as my daughter practices her grand entrance coming soon! 🙂
How far along? 40 weeks! Yes, tomorrow is our “EDD”

Total weight gain: just over 30 pounds

Maternity clothes? Hardly-I don’t have but about 3 outfits that are only partially comfortable right now so t-shirts and gym shorts at home and making the outfits work when I have to be in public. haha!

Stretch marks? some, but not bad.

Sleep: thankfully, I am still getting enough sleep. It’s pretty broken, but it’s quality when it comes!

Best moment this week: Mom’s arrival! So glad that I get to have her around for a bit for many reasons!

Miss Anything? not right now…ask me in an hour!

Movement: well, her space is cramped and she is being squished by contractions so while she is limited, she has maintained amazing movements with her kicks, jabs, and wiggles!

Food cravings: chocolate, pancakes, strawberries, double chocolate banana bread, smoothies…and anything else that I see that sounds good in the moment!

Anything making you queasy or sick: lots-that aspect of labor has been obnoxious as something sounds great, then turns my stomach as I am in the middle of eating it.

Labor Signs: lots of contractions, progressively increasing in frequency and intensity…we’re getting closer!

Belly Button in or out? am I sitting, laying or standing? Is she tucked in or pushing out? haha-it changes all the time!

Wedding rings on or off? pretty much off now after a few days of them feeling tight it’s just easier to tuck them away until we are home from the hospital (they will want them off anyhow).

Happy or Moody most of the time: fairly happy, moments of moodiness but that’s mostly connected to me not feeling well from nausea or if I’m still tired.

Looking forward to: getting to know this child God is adding to our family.

Must share pregnant story: Last week I was out and about for a brief walk and some socialization (I’m taking it in small doses these days as I am feeling pretty hermit-like). While standing around chatting, my belly button was definitely protruding with a visible little bump through my shirt. A sweet little girl walked right up to me, stretched out her pointer finger, and pressed my belly button. Of course, it popped right back out at her, leaving her just a tad baffled!

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