Pregnancy Update-Week 37

Full term!
Yes, that means any day now Madeleine will be welcomed to arrive (meds and bed rest will no longer be in play!).
Not only am I celebrating this, but today also marks 5 years since Mason proposed to me! Ahh, sweet moments in life. 🙂
How far along? a full 37 weeks!

Total weight gain: Still under 30 pounds-I was finally able to confirm this since I found my record and was able to subtract starting from my current weight. I was pleasantly surprised after hearing the Korean Dr. tell me for weeks that I need to “not eat too much”!

Maternity clothes? Course, loving the shorts and capris as it is warming up these days! I must say though, in the area of tops I don’t want anything tight on my abdomen-loose t-shirts are my favorite right now.

Stretch marks? minimal, but this little one has certainly grown enough to leave her marks

Sleep: Some days it’s great, others it’s pretty broken with my hips aching and having to toss from side to side (not so easy to toss these days!)

Best moment this week: Negotiating with Mason in regards to when I stop my meds and getting to “cheat” bed rest tomorrow for a pedicure!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach!

Movement: All the time-hiccups, kicks, jabs, all sorts of feelings that cause me to wonder what she is doing.

Food cravings: chocolate, fruit, french fries, and various other foods that I happen to see or think about.

Anything making you queasy or sick: A few strong smells, and the couple strong contractions I felt last week.

Labor Signs: contractions, contractions, contractions!

Belly Button in or out? all depends on my position-it flips back and forth!

Wedding rings on or off? on other than a few days I was a bit swollen.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, but feeling myself becoming a bit introverted in preparation for the labor and delivery process.

Looking forward to: meeting our daughter!!!

Must share pregnant story: I had to laugh at myself last week when I attempted to stand up from the couch and had NOT put forth enough force to propel myself into a standing position. I promptly lost my balance and fell directly back into the couch, amazed that I had made it this far before my ever-shifting center of gravity got the best of me!

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